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All Chinese learners from all over the world are welcomed. We provide different lengths of courses, including short-term (one month), medium-term (one semester), and long-term (more than one year) training classes. In order to meet most students’ requirements, we also provide Course custom service. The length and courses is flexible and can be adjusted.

①Three or four levels of the class are provided for different lengths of courses: introductory class, primary class, intermediate class and advanced class.

The training courses are provided as follows:

Course type course level course title
basic courses introductory class Chinese Speaking(1)
Chinese listening(1)
Mandarin pronunciation training
Chinese character writing
primary class Chinese Speaking(2)
Chinese listening(2)
Chinese Reading(1HSKCoaching(Level 4)
intermediate class Chinese Speaking(3)
Chinese listening(3)
Chinese Reading(2)
HSK Coaching(Level 5)
Chinese grammar(1)
advanced class Chinese Speaking(4)
Chinese listening(4)
Chinese Reading(3)
HSK Coaching(Level 6)
Chinese grammar(2)
Introduction of Chinese traditional culture
compulsory course For all above level of courses Chinese traditional culture practical training(1)
Chinese traditional culture practical training(2)
Chinese traditional culture practical training(3)
Chinese traditional culture practical training(4)
Chinese traditional culture practical training(5)
Chinese traditional culture practical training(6)
optional course Only for intermediate class and advanced class business Chinese
Chinese writing
periodical writing