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College of Business of Qingdao Binhai University was established on March10, 2010. Before this, it was named Department of International Business and Economic Management, which was set up in August 2002.Nowadays there are five majors for four-year undergraduates including Marketing Management, International Economics and Trade, Economics, Logistics Management, and Hotel Management. There also exist eight majors for three-year vocational college students, such as, the Customs Declaration and International Shipping, International Trade, International Business, Logistics Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Finance and Insurance, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management, etc. College of Business is divided into five teaching and research sections respectively, the teaching and research sections of Management, International Trade, Logistics, Finance, and Tourism Management. The first college students majored in Marketing Management and Tourism Management were enrolled in Qingdao Binhai University in August, 1998. The first undergraduates majored in Marketing Management were enrolled in August, 2005. In August, 2008 some core curricula in the major of Marketing Management were taught in bilingual model, which were also carried out in every curriculum of the major of International Trade. The provincial economic management experimental center was set up in December, 2012. Major of International Economics and Trade was approved as the Special advantage major among the private –owned university of Shandong Province in 2014. The all-round training center targeted to cross-border electronic commerce was established and identified as the project of school-enterprise cooperation in June, 2015.

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  • Economics

    Overview:Students majored in Economics were enrolled from Autumn, 2011. There are 401 students at school and 17 part-time and full-time teachers working for the major. Among them there are 6 teachers with high professional titles ... more

  • Marketing Management

    Overview: With its enrollment from 2005, the four-year’s major of Marketing Management is one of the earliest established ones in Qingdao Binhai University. Apart from the two independent labs, the comprehensive practical training ... more

  • Civil engineering

    OverviewThe civil engineering specialty was set up in the year of 2007. With the thoughts of “Based in Qingdao, facing Shandong, relying on construction industry and serving urbanization”, the specialty is designed to cultivate ap ... more

  • Logistics Management

    Overview:As one of the branches of Management, the major, Logistics Management is mainly about the logistical routines of the enterprises and the theory of management based on the theory of system, information and cybernetics. In ... more

  • Hotel Management

    Overview:The major of Hotel Management was set up in 2014. To meet the needs of starred hotel development, this is designed to develop students’ skills to own the basic theory and knowledge for modern hotel operation and managemen ... more